A Bible Thought From My Child

A while back our family began a practice that I enjoy very much.  We have an evening Bible thought as we say goodnight to our children.  It is a fairly simple practice.  Most of the time I read a verse or a small passage and then we discuss one lesson from the text that we can put into practice.  Every once in a while one of my daughters will ask to do the Bible thought for that night.  Depending on the circumstances I usually allow them to provide our thought.  My seven-year-old provided a thought last night that will serve as a great reminder for each of us.

She read the story of the ten lepers who were cleansed from Luke 17.11-19.  After reading it, I asked her what we should learn from the story.  She said that we need to be like the one leper who returned to Jesus to give thanks.  So simple, yet so profound.  Ten lepers had their lives changed forever.  Ten lepers freely received a needed cleansing from Jesus.  Only one returned to give thanks and glorify God.


Pay close attention to Jesus’ question.  “But where are the nine?”  I wonder if Jesus ever thinks in a similar manner today with His church?  After being baptized into Christ and added to the family of God, how many continue to act as if nothing has changed?  Let’s not be like the nine.  As my daughter said, let’s be like the one.

From one servant to another,

Robert Berghorst

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