A Ray of Son-Shine


I grew up in West Michigan and currently reside in Northern Indiana.  In these places there is one thing that you can count on during the winter months – darkness.  The days are short and often cloudy.  At times you can go more than a week without seeing a blue sky and sunshine.  In fact, I did not even realize that the sun actually shined during the winter season until I moved to Arkansas.  Then I realized just how dark it is was where I grew up.

Last Sunday, just prior to our evening worship service, I had one of those moments that you long for during January in Northern Indiana.  The sun was shining.  I stood for a few minutes with my eyes closed and just soaked it up because I needed it.  The effects of the sun on the body have been well documented.  It is beneficial for our health and our mental well being.  The sun has the ability to lift our spirits and help create a feeling of joy and happiness.

However, the Son can have an even greater impact than the sun.  A regular dose of Son-shine can produce joy (Philippians 4.4), peace (Philippians 4.6-7), a healthy mind (Philippians 4.8), godly actions (Philippians 4.9), contentment (Philippians 4.11-12), and confidence (Philippians 4.13).

Please do not misunderstand.  This post is not intended to be a superficial, feel-good post about Christianity like I commonly read.  True Christianity demands sacrifice and commitment.  It also draws persecution and makes one an outcast to the world.  Nevertheless, at times we, as Christians, must simply bask in what comes through constant exposure to the Son.  In a world filled with darkness, we need the Son.

From one servant to another,

Robert Berghorst

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