The Spirit of Renewal

What do the following dates have in common: 1985; 1955; 2015; 1885?  Those who are familiar with the Back to the Future movies likely recognized the dates immediately.  Each of these years played an important part in that trilogy.  I enjoyed those movies as a child.  I still enjoy them today.  The movies are also an example of an important spiritual reminder.  God has given us the ability to change the direction of our lives.  Marty McFly and Doc Brown needed a time machine to accomplish this feat.  We only need God’s word and a new heart.


The spirit of renewal is pervasive throughout the scriptures.  In Romans 12.2, Paul encourages the Christians at Rome to renew their minds.  This idea was directly contrasted with being conformed to the world.  Instead of being led by the desires of the world, they were to follow the desires of the Spirit (Romans 8.13-14).  The lesson is rather simple.  We change our lives when we renew our minds.  I cannot change what has happened in the past.  I do not have a time machine.  Thankfully, I do not need to change the past in order to affect the future.  It is “now” that matters.  In one of the movies, Marty McFly was reminded to consider his future.  Are you considering your future?  Are you considering eternity?  I hope each of us can develop a mind like Paul, who could forget his past because he was more concerned with his future (see Philippians 3.12-14).

From one servant to another,

Robert Berghorst

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