Lord, Help Me Remember Jesus

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.38.39 PMFor some, the above plea may seem like a futile endeavor.  After all, those involved with Christianity have not forgotten Jesus.  Or have we?  I thought this weekend was a good occasion to consider whether or not I remember Jesus.  Society has a way of commonly bringing forth the name and life of Jesus.  This may help serve as a built-in reminder to continually pray, “Lord, help me remember Jesus.”

Sometimes we need to remember that He is different.  Although being made like me (Hebrews 2.17) for a specific purpose, this does not make us equals.  When we consider his extraordinary birth (Matthew 1.23) and His disciples testimony concerning Him (John 20.28) we begin to see this reality.  Despite this, I have the ability to relate to Him.  I know He can sympathize with my troubles because He endured troubles (Hebrews 4.14-16; 5.5-8).  The fact that Jesus, not an equal to me, would do the unthinkable (crucifixion) for me and others below Him makes his love even more impressive.

We need to remember His character.  This goes well beyond the idea of simply not forgetting.  This is the idea of continually thinking about His character and actions so that we can strive daily to look like Him (Romans 8.29).  Love is often the first quality associated with Jesus – and for good reason.  His love is beyond the norm and was demonstrated even against His enemies (Luke 23.34).  He calls His followers to exemplify this love (Matthew 5.43-48).  Is it possible that we forget about His patience?  The book of Mark illustrates just how much patience Jesus demonstrated toward His own disciples (Mark 8.21; 8.32-33; 9.28; 9.32; 9.33-37; 10.13-14).  How great it is for us that He has patience with His followers!  His desirable qualities are endless.

Finally, we should seek to constantly remember His purpose.  Lest we misunderstand, consider some of His expressions.  He came to do the will of the Father (John 4.32), which included teaching the Father’s doctrine (John 7.16).  Even Jesus could not alter or create His own truth.  He came to give sight to the blind – metaphorically (John 9.39).  His desire was to seek and save the lost (Luke 19.10).  Finally, He came to show us the way to the Father (John 14.6).  Remembering Jesus involves carrying out His continuing mission lived out through the lives of His followers.

Life is filled with bad news.  Tragedy surrounds us and eventually finds us.  Jesus gave us something much bigger than just our daily struggles.  What peace it brings to proactively remember Jesus.

Lord, help me remember Jesus.

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