Lord, Help Me Not Miss Opportunities

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Biblical history is also filled with missed opportunities.  A generation of Israelites who came out of Egypt missed the opportunity to enter Canaan and instead perished in the wilderness.  Men like Esau and King Saul (and nearly every other king in Israel and Judah) had opportunities for God that fell by the wayside.  Solomon may be the greatest biblical example of missed opportunities.  He had the wealth to engage in any project (1 Kings 10) and the knowledge needed to lead the entire nation in the ways of God (1 Kings 3).  Within the context of these opportunities, Solomon paved the way to divide the nation and led many away from God and into idolatry.

Matthew 25 exemplifies missed opportunities.  Five maidens missed the very thing for which they waited (25.1-13).  One wicked servant failed to utilize his master’s talent (25.14-30).  In the great judgment scene of Matthew 24.31-46, one group missed the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving the least of those who belonged to Him.  In turn, they missed the greatest opportunity this world has to offer – eternity with God.

The Bible assures Christians that they have everything they need to be successful in the work related to God (Romans 8.37; 2 Timothy 3.16-17).  This can only happen when God is first in one’s life (Philippians 1.21).  If God is not first, what happens when there is a conflict of interest (Matthew 6.24)?  In order to make the most of our opportunities, we need to begin to develop the very mindset of Jesus.  His food was to do the will of the Father (John 4.34).

I do not miss opportunities when it comes to things that I love.  In fact, I go out of my way to search for opportunities – and so do you.  Opportunities abound every day to grow, teach, and be an example in God’s kingdom.

Lord, help me not miss opportunities.

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