Lord, Help Me Hear You

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.42.24 PMRecently I was privileged to hear a lesson regarding God’s silence.  While the lesson was very good, the discussion that followed was enlightening.  Our petition this week is, Lord, help me hear you.  I hope for each of us to understand this from a biblical perspective.

In my experience most Christians will regard God as silent at least to a certain degree.  After all, most plainly admit that we cannot hear God with our physical hearing ability, and we cannot see Him with our eyes.  This naturally causes man to ask, “Is He hidden?”  “Is He silent?”

Here is where it gets very interesting.  On one hand, there are some that are absolutely confident that God is hidden and silent.  Still others are just as confident that God is not hidden and that His voice is everywhere.  And let’s be honest.  In our times of difficulty, isn’t it reasonable to hope that God will lift back that veil for just a moment to show that He is really there?

The Bible is not silent concerning the silence of God.  The Bible teaches that God has revealed Himself through His creation (Psalm 19.1).  He has revealed Himself even to the degree that man is without excuse concerning His existence (Romans 1.18-20).  Yet, the Bible also teaches that God has spoken more specifically.  The Old Testament is filled with declarations that God spoke through His prophets as they delivered His word to others.

Consider these three texts: 2 Timothy 2.15; 2 Timothy 3.15-17; John 20.30-31.  There is a word of truth which must be understood.  The scriptures can make one wise for salvation and completely equipped for service to God.  John declares that the words he wrote could create faith that can lead to life.  Do I really need anything else besides God’s word (i.e. the bible, scriptures) based on these testimonies?

With regard to God’s silence, is it possible many are looking in the wrong places?  Is it possible that God’s method is simply too ordinary for many people?  After all, he used specific people to record a message that must be studied and followed by others.  The message of His Son (Romans 1.16) tells me that God exists.  The message of His Son tells me that He loves me.  I do not need a separate miracle or a small voice to accomplish this.

One final question: why did God send the apostle Paul into the entire world with a message (Colossians 1.23) when He could have simply given it to everyone individually?  Let us honor God by respecting His method of speaking to man.  Let us petition Him this week for help to hear His message as we study His scriptures.

Lord, help me hear You

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