The Authority of Jesus

Jesus’ life was filled with controversy.  Questions such as, “Who is this” (Matthew 21.10) and “What new doctrine is this” (Mark 1.27) followed Him as He taught.  During His ministry He confounded the religious establishment and kindled excitement among common citizens.  He claimed to do things that ordinary men could not do (Mark 2.5-7).

All of this led to the unmistakable conclusion that Jesus was one with authority (Mark 1.22).  Instead of fighting against that authority, have you tried embracing it?  Sometimes opposition takes the form of outright defiance.  Other times it simply comes through neglect.  It is easy to detect active rebellion against Jesus.  It is much more difficult to identify passive apathy toward Him.  We have a King who reigns today (Acts 2.32-36; Matthew 28.18-20).  Embrace His authority.  Embrace it in your worship, your homes, your relationships, and your time.  Give Jesus the opportunity to provide the abundant life that He promised to those who follow Him (John 10.10).

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