The Message of James

What does Christianity look like from day to day?  In the realm of Christianity, this is a question asked both too often and not enough.  Too often because, unfortunately, many lessons fail to convey any sense of “Go and do likewise” to those who hear it.  Too little because many are willing to confine Christianity to a church building instead of allowing it to infiltrate all aspects of their lives.

I have good news.  The apostle James deals with Christianity on a very practical level.  James reveals the importance of both the action and the attitude of a Christian.  His message is very direct and may be difficult to accept at times.  When properly understood, the letter of James should cause the casual Christian to squirm in uneasiness.  Willowdale family, please join us this Sunday night as we begin a series from the book of James.  Let us all become better equipped to take Christianity outside of the church building.

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